Global Study Program

Our Global Study Program hosts students and professionals from Japan in NYC to broaden their experiences and thinking. Our goal is to inspire them to think more creatively and broadly by exposing them to an experience and people they would not encounter in Japan. We organize career workshops with successful Japanese working in NYC and cross-cultural activities with the diverse NYC community.

Mobilizing Japanese Volunteers

NY de Volunteer has mobilized over a thousand Japanese volunteers in hundreds of activities to help the local NYC community. Our goal is to empower people to be positive change makers. We believe that everyone has the power to make a positive difference. Every small action leads to bigger accomplishments. We convert goodwill to effective actions and solutions to make a difference for communities across NYC and to strengthen US-Japan relations.

Japanese Spa Day

Our trademark beauty program has enriched the lives of hundreds of NYC seniors through a day of personal spa services, including make-up, manicure, and hairstyling.  In the Japanese tradition of honoring seniors, the rewarding program brings a smile to both the volunteers and senior. The positive transformation both visually and spiritually of the beneficiaries is dramatic. The local Japanese community make positive change by giving to their adopted community and generate goodwill towards Japan and the Japanese culture by providing an important service of uplifting the spirits of the elderly.

Our Programs

Explore Japanese Culture Program

We teaches Japanese culture to underserved children and other cross-cultural activities have taught Japanese culture to thousands of children and teens in NYC area. The goal is to encourage the participants, including our Japanese volunteers, to become global citizens and open-minded by exposing them to a different culture. As a result, the next generation will learn to respect and appreciate people of different backgrounds and foster a diverse community that leads to a more creative, productive, and enriching society.  

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