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Yukatas on Mother's Day at Japan Day in Central Park

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

NY de Volunteer dresses hundreds of New Yorkers in Yukatas in Central Park

Despite the dreary weather, our Try on Yukata booth was busy and our volunteers worked tirelessly to dress all the visitors. Japan Day is one of the biggest Japanese cultural events in the US with over 50,000 visitors each year. With so many attendees, people were lined up to get dressed in Yukatas.

One of the more popular booths at the event, we appreciate all the visitors who waited to try on one of the many yukatas that we brought to the event. We had colorful yukatas for boys, girls, women and men. The over 30 volunteers working in two shifts dressed hundreds of visitors. Although it's a busy event for us, the smiles on the faces of those we dress including mothers and daughters especially on Mothers Day and everybody else and their interest in Japanese culture is rewarding.

Probably thousands of pictures were taken at our booth of the participants dressed in yukatas by their family and friends.


Unfortunately, due to the continuing rain in the afternoon we had to close our booth early as water started to pool in our booth. As we ask the visitors to take their shoes off when we dress them we didn't want their feet to get wet and also the yukatas. We were still able to serve hundreds of visitors and we look forward to coming back next year.

Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to share Japanese culture with the community and the bento lunches. And, thank you to our volunteers, including Kikuchi-sensei and her students from City College who help us every year.

Thank you!

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