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Testing Japanese Skills of Bronx High School Students

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We had held a few of our Japanese culture program at the Bronx Collaborative High School for their Japanese language students per our previous posts. We also recently helped out in judging the students' Japanese presentations. The high school requires all students to take a foreign language and their end of the year presentation helps determine if they meet their foreign language requirements. Our Japanese staff went up to the high school to help with the judging of their language skills. The language levels differ even within a class but overall students performed well. We are happy to see students in the Bronx and other underserved communities have an interest in Japan. We work to encourage more students and people to appreciate Japan and foster understanding and good relationships between the two countries.

Have a good summer break and a good trip for some of Yamasaki-sensei's students who are going to Japan.

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