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Inspiring the New Generation of Japanese Young Women

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

In July, as part of our Global Study activities, NY de Volunteer hosted 22 female high school students from an Osaka high school to help identify and inspire them to achieve their goals and experience from a global perspective. NY de Volunteer created programs for the Japanese students that offer an experience that only a city like New York can provide.

The students spent a day touring Manhattan with elite local students from private and public universities in NYC, including Columbia, Queens College and City College. The students experience the diversity and dynamism of New York City and learn from the interactions with the local students and other New Yorkers. This experience gives them a broader perspective of the world, people and possibilities.

To build on those social experiences, the students underwent a career oriented workshop the following day. The students had the opportunity to extensively interact with successful people in New York. Two inspirational Japanese professionals, Kana Tomita Garcia and Chisato Shimada, who work in finance and for the City of New York respectively, presented their stories and insights on how they discovered and achieved their goals and fulfilled their passions. Their stories of persistence, risk taking, overcoming obstacles, and passion to achieve are vital lessons for the new generation and especially younger female that will help them and Japan succeed in the globalizing and changing world.

The students also engaged in personalized sessions to guide them in understanding themselves better, which in turn helps them identify their goals and what they need to do to achieve them. These sessions were led by the speakers and NY de Volunteer staff who are also accomplished and experienced.

The students left inspired and also happy, partially due to the fact that they were finally able to eat some Japanese food, which we provided at the workshop. We wish the students the best in their future and they can reach out to us if they ever need guidance.

Thank you to our inspirational and empowered speakers!

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