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Bringing Japanese Culture to Bronx Collaborative High School

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Encouraging Bronx Students to Learn Japanese

Since 2007, NY de Volunteer has been conducting its Explore Japanese Culture (EJC) Program for underserved children that have not been exposed to or had little opportunity to experience Japanese culture or other cultures in general. The goal of our program is to expand their experiences and exposure beyond their immediate community. We also feel it is important to encourage interest in Japan to those studying Japanese by teaching them about Japanese culture. As a result, we reached out to students studying Japanese in underserved communities to foster their interest in Japan and partnered up with Yamasaki-sensei at Bronx Collaborative High School to conduct our EJC Program to her Japanese Class 2 students.

For our first visit in March we wanted to get to know the students and so we talked to them one on one in Japanese to learn about their background. We then taught them some novel facts about Japan by asking true and false questions, such as the state of California geographically bigger than Japan and students in Japan clean toilets at their school. (Both are true)

The students had not yet learned kanji but we wanted to give them a momento to take home and prepared each of their names in kanji. They practiced writing their names in kanji as we taught them the correct brushstroke sequences. We gave them a white strip of paper for them to right their name and take home. They were all enthusiastic about writing their name in kanji and many showed great skills in writing kanji. Some of the students also showed us that they had learned how to right their name in katakana.

We really enjoyed working with the students and were encouraged by their enthusiasm. We look forward to coming back and sharing more Japanese culture. See you all later!

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