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Bringing some Japanese Cultural fun to Kids at NYC Summer Camp

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

At the end of July we visited the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation Center 54, to have fun with the kids at their summer camp while teaching them Japanese Culture . The objective of our Explore Japanese Culture Program, which we conduct at schools, after school programs and summer camps is to broaden the perspectives of children or teens while teaching them about Japan. Many of the children we reach out to are not familiar with Japan and most cannot locate the country on a world map.

However, we enjoy the experience of sharing Japanese culture and raising their awareness of Japan as the children enthusiastically engaged in our cultural activities and with our Japanese volunteers. They learn about Japan in fun ways such as with true or false games where we make statements about Japan and ask all the children to decide if they think the statement is true or false. For example, we ask them if it is true that school children in Japan clean their school toilets or if there are McDonald's in Japan. These questions point out some differences between Japan but also similarities with the US. We also ask questions that dispel some stereotypes about Japan such as Japanese eat sushi everyday.

The children have fun learning about Japan through the games we play and we ended our program making origami hearts and giving out origami balloons and origami shurikens so that they have something to remind them of Japan.

Our program is always enjoyable for our staff and volunteers as the children have a lot of energy and fun while it gives us an opportunity to share our culture and goodwill with those who may not be able to experience Japanese culture firsthand.

Thank you to all the volunteers and Ed at the Center for hosting us.

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